Your Frequently

Asked Questions

"How is the BarkBlaster unit powered?"

BarkBlaster requires 8 D Cell batteries (not included with initial purchase).

"How is water delivered to the unit?"

The unit attaches directly to your standard garden hose (not included with initial purchase).

"Can I still use it if I don't own a smartphone?"

Yes, it has default settings, so it will operate when powered up.

"It emits the tone without waiting for my dog to bark."

Remove the Batteries, wait 10 seconds, replace the batteries. This should reset the BarkBlaster

"My dog has a high pitched whine, will it be heard?"

Yes, you may have to set the sensitivity level to the highest number with the App.

"I set the sensitivity to 1000 and it goes off all the time."

Try adjusting the level to 600. 

"How does it work in the winter when I can't use outdoor water hoses?"

If you start to use the BarkBlaster before it turns cold, remove the hose and the Beeper should make your dog quiet down. Typically this will last several months until it is warm enough to use the water again.

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