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David Miller - Miller Shooting Sports

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David Healan 

"I have been using the BarkBlaster for the last 4 months and it sure is nice walking up to a quiet kennel. The dogs still get excited when someone walks up, but no barking. I was a little skeptical when I first read about the BarkBlaster, but when I set it up at my kennel I was very pleasantly surprised. I have a set of four runs connected together and the blaster is able to cover all four. The ease of controlling it on my smart phone makes it even better. Jenn and Leon have been great to work with and answered all questions I had. The Bark Blaster is a must have if you’re looking for a quiet kennel." - Spring Creek South Dakota Outfitters, Circle R GSP's

Karrie R. - Great View, Washington

"The BarkBlaster works wonderfully. We've been struggling with our dogs for three years trying every other solution. Your product shut them up on day one. We get to love our dogs again instead of constantly feeling like they are going to get us fined by our HOA. Our stress level has seriously dropped. Thank you."

LeRoy Barnhart

"The reason we got a Bark Blaster was because our two inside dogs would often wake our toddler by barking during nap time. After downloading the Bark Blaster mobile app we positioned the unit in the same room favored by the dogs. Within 15 minutes of turning the Bark Blaster on, our small dog started her yapping. When she heard the high-pitched tone she immediately went quiet and looked at me. I was smiling—it worked. All we need to do now is put the unit in the same room as the dogs and there is no more barking. The Bark Blaster did its job without being connected to a hose at all."

Allen Manning

"I purchased the BarkBlaster after seeing it on YouTube. I ordered one with three remote controllers, one for myself, one for my neighbor, and my son. I was very excited to receive the product and immediately connected the unit to my water hose. It didn't take long before my dogs found something to bark about. I "blasted" the dogs with the BarkBlaster and it didn't take long before the dogs got the message. If you bark, you get blasted. Now my dogs act like they are in church on Sunday morning!"

Don Loftus 

“The BarkBlaster is the cat’s meow.” - Elk View Kennels - Springfield, IL

Ed Rader 

"I have had the BarkBlaster for about a month and have excellent results. The warning tone is a great asset as the dogs respond to it very well. Would recommend the BarkBlaster to anyone with a dog that barks. My dogs are more relaxed and less stressed" - Poplar Ridge Kennels


"Day three here and I cannot believe the silence in my kennel! I am absolutely amazed how quickly the barking stopped!"

Preston Pilante

"...this product is great.  Within a couple minutes of installing the BarkBlaster. The dogs have already learned the tone means stop barking. I can leave the dog door open and let them stay out at night if they wish and not have them barking disturbing our neighbors. Your product is a life saver! Thank you!"

Brad - Honolulu, Hawaii

"My Name is Brad, a boar hunter here in Honolulu, Hawaii. I have 5 hunting dogs that are quiet while I’m home, of course. Neighbors brought to my attention when I’m not home, OMG. I have tried several different ideas to quiet them but none worked, until I purchased BarkBlaster. BarkBlaster has helped and trained my dogs to stay quiet in a humane way all day long. Majority of the time now it's just the first high pitch sounds that quiets them. Thanks BarkBlaster, now all my neighbors are happy."

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