Some human foods can kill your dog. Other human foods are incredibly beneficial for your dog. Here are some great human foods you should feed to your dog. Adding a few of these whole foods into your dog’s diet can dramatically improve your dog’s health. Your dog can appreciate a variety of foods the same way you do! So give it a shot. Whether it’s leftover food from the table, or a trip to the grocery store to buy some special snacks for your dog, try giving your dog some human foods to improve his or her health and happiness.

Disclaimer: There is no guarantee that these foods will be safe for your dog. This list contains foods that are typically safe for dogs, but use caution whenever introducing something new into your dog’s diet.

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Human Foods You Should Feed to Your Dog


Obviously, carrots are good for humans. They’re good for dogs, too! You should feed your dog carrots because they are high in fiber and vitamins. As an extra bonus, eating carrots can help clean your dog’s teeth!

Dog eating carrot


As long as they are properly cooked, eggs are a great addition to a dog’s diet. High in protein, eggs can help your dog stay full and build strong muscles. Eggs are also high in fat, so don’t overfeed them if you’re helping your dog lose weight.

Green Beans

No surprises here. Green beans are loaded with iron and vitamins. It’s best to feed your dog cooked green beans with no added salts. Canned and fresh are both safe for dogs, but fresh are much more nutritious.


Salmon is a superfood for humans, and it’s a safe superfood for dogs! This tasty fish is high in omega 3 fatty acids. The list of potential benefits a dog can receive from an increase in omega 3s is huge. Omega 3s can decrease inflammation, boost the immune system, promote healthy skin, promote a healthy coat, and more. When feeding salmon to your dogs, cooked is always the safest option.

feed salmon to your dog


Packed with protein, calcium, and probiotics, yogurt can be an awesome human food addition to your dog’s diet. Make sure to choose yogurts without added sugar or artificial sweeteners. 


From the can, or raw, pumpkin is a great human food to feed to your dog. It’s loaded with fiber and vitamin A. Pumpkin could also be helpful for dogs with digestive issues.


Try adding some cooked oatmeal to your dog’s diet. Full of fiber, oatmeal can help dogs with bowel irregularity. Brown sugar may taste great in your bowl, but it’s probably best left out of your dog’s oatmeal.


Green peas are a safe food to share with your dog. They’re a good source of vitamin K, A, and B, and they are packed with minerals. Avoid canned peas, as they usually contain to much salt for your dog. Feel free to offer frozen or thawed to your dog. Pods are typically okay, too.

Sweet Potatoes

No, your dog can’t have the kind mixed 50/50 with brown sugar and topped with marshmallows. However, plain sweet potatoes are a superfood for you and your dog! They’re packed with fiber, beta carotene, vitamin B6, and vitamin C.

feed sweet potato to your dog

Lean Meat

Dogs were originally carnivores in the wild, so meat in the diet makes sense. However, most modern dogs don’t digest high fat diets well. Adding lean meats to your dog’s diet will be a great treat for your dog that provides protein with an abundance of essential amino acids. As a bonus, lean meats can help overweight dogs lose weight while still feeling full after meals.

dog eating from human

Commit to giving your dog a better diet this year! There’s no doubt your dog will appreciate some human foods in his or her diet. As always, use caution when introducing a new human food into your dog’s menu. You may not only find healthy staples to add to their diet, but you may discover some easy treats they love to use as incentives for training!

What human foods do you feed your dog? Tell us about it in the comments below!