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Keep your Dog Quiet and Calm this Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is a time for celebration and fun for the entire country. Fireworks and music fill the air, which is exciting and fun, but for some dog owners, it can be a nightmare. While some dogs don’t mind the loud bangs, others are horrified, and it can be hard to keep them calm. In many cases, fireworks will cause dogs to run away, because the loud noise triggers their flight instinct.

How to Calm your Dog
I once had a rescue dog that absolutely hated fireworks and thunderstorms. He would pant and drool uncontrollably, and he would whine until the storm or fireworks show subsided. If your dog is anxious around fireworks, the best thing you can do is remove the animal from the situation.This may mean driving out of town until the fireworks are over. If you have access to a room where your dog can’t hear the fireworks, that works as well.

Alternative Options for Quieting and Calming your Dog
Getting your dog to stop barking and whining without entirely avoiding the noise of fireworks can be tricky. However, there are some tricks that may work for you and your dog:

1.Play a game.
Playing fetch or tug-of-war may be all your pet needs to distract them from festivities on the Fourth.

2. Treats and bones.
Giving your dog something tasty to chew on is always a great distraction.

3. Utilize a kennel.
For some dogs, staying in a kennel is calming. Putting them in their kennels with a fan on or other white noise until the fireworks are over may be effective.

4. Exercise.
Walking with your dog and burning off energy is a great way to minimize anxiety. While a good long walk might not erase the anxiety completely, it may help.

Be sure to use these tips to keep your dog quiet and calm this Fourth of July . From all of us at Bark Blaster, we hope you and your pets have a fun, safe holiday.