Vizsla vs Weimaraner
vizsla vs weimaraner

The vizsla and the weimaraner are both incredible hunting dogs with names that are easy to misspell. If you’re able to give these two dog breeds the affection and exercise they need, you’ll be rewarded with a committed companion that takes nearly no maintenance. So which dog should you get? Today, we’re comparing the vizsla […]

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Dogs are Actually Turning Blue – The Cause is Disturbing
dogs are turning blue

Dogs are turning bright blue in Taloja, an industrial neighborhood in Mumbai, India. No kidding, they’re actually turning blue. Residents were surprised when stray blue dogs started roaming the streets of Taloja. According to The Guardian, 11 blue dogs have been sighted so far. No, it’s not Blue’s Clues Why are these dogs turning blue? […]

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11 Websites Every Dog Owner Should Know
websites every dog owner should know (3)

There are millions upon millions of websites out there, and thousands upon thousands are devoted to dogs. It can be time consuming finding the best resources among low quality websites. Here are 11 of our favorite websites we think every dog owner should know. From dog health, to training tips, dog travel, and more, here […]

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10 Dog Training Mistakes You’re Probably Making
dog training mistakes

While training a dog can be extremely rewarding and fulfilling, it can also be downright difficult and defeating. To help strengthen your relationship with your dog, we’re listing the 10 dog training mistakes we see all the time. If you’re looking into your first dog, prepare yourself and save yourself headaches by learning from the […]

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