7 Simple Tips to Prepare Your Dog for Holiday Guests
prepare your dog for holiday guests (1)

If you plan to have family knocking on your door December 24th, it’s very important to prepare your dog for holiday guests. The last thing you need is your dog barreling into your mother-in-law after she cracks your door open. From greeting family at the door, to enduring the stress of a packed house, the […]

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Pug vs Bulldog – Which Dog is Best for You?
pug vs bulldog

Adorable faces, wrinkly skin, and funny internet videos. These are just a few things that the Pug and Bulldog are known for. You don’t have to scroll through the internet long to run into a bulldog riding a skateboard, or a pug wearing a hilarious costume. It’s no wondering these two adorable dog breeds are […]

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