English Pointer – Characteristics, Facts, and Information about Pointers
English Pointers

English Pointer Overview The English Pointer, often referred to as only “pointer”, is a true athlete. Pointers are bred to hunt. They absolutely love hunting, and will make a wonderful pet for anyone who loves chasing upland birds. Expect most Pointers to be extremely friendly, and possess incredibly high energy levels. You must be willing […]

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12 Mind-Blowing Facts about Dogs
Facts about dogs

1. Bloodhounds can track scents over 300 hours old. For those without a calculator handy, that’s 12 and a half days. Can you imagine how overwhelmed their sniffers must be on a daily basis? It’s also said their wrinkly skin helps trap scent, while their droopy ears serve as “scent sweepers,” redirecting scents off the […]

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