Beagle vs Basset Hound
Beagle vs Basset Hound

Beagles and Basset Hounds are beloved by many individuals and families across the country. So, which hound dog is best suited for you? Beagles are happy-go-lucky, affectionate, and friendly. Basset Hounds are charming, low-key, and goofy-looking. Both hounds are driven by their noses, and have roots in rabbit hunting. We’ll look at intelligence, maintenance, temperament, […]

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10 Tips to Calm a Hyper Dog
how to calm a hyper dog

Having troubles calming your canine? We’re here to help. When a dog gets overly excited, it can be like trying to stop a freight train if you’re not prepared. That’s why we’ve compiled these 10 tips to calm a hyper dog. There is hope to calm hyperactive dogs! First, it’s very important to understand why […]

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Outdoor Kennels 101 – Tips, Tricks, and Ideas
Outdoor Kennels 101

Dogs thrive on fresh air and exercise. Chances are, no matter how much you love your dog, you don’t have the time to give your dog adequate time outside every single day. If this is true, an outdoor kennel is the perfect solution for your dog. With outdoor dog houses, your dog gets the joy […]

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7 Simple Tips to Prepare Your Dog for Holiday Guests
prepare your dog for holiday guests (1)

If you plan to have family knocking on your door December 24th, it’s very important to prepare your dog for holiday guests. The last thing you need is your dog barreling into your mother-in-law after she cracks your door open. From greeting family at the door, to enduring the stress of a packed house, the […]

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Pug vs Bulldog – Which Dog is Best for You?
pug vs bulldog

Adorable faces, wrinkly skin, and funny internet videos. These are just a few things that the Pug and Bulldog are known for. You don’t have to scroll through the internet long to run into a bulldog riding a skateboard, or a pug wearing a hilarious costume. It’s no wondering these two adorable dog breeds are […]

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14 Gifts for Dog Owners | Unique Gifts Every Dog Lover Needs
gifts for dog owners

Christmas is just a stone’s throw away, and chances are you have at least one dog lover on your gift list. If you’re looking for gifts for dog owners, we’ve compiled a few of our favorites. Take it from the dog experts, any dog lover will love an item off this list. If you’re a […]

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10 Common Thanksgiving Foods That Could Kill Your Dog
thanksgiving foods that could kill your dog

The smell of Thanksgiving dinner around 11 AM on Thanksgiving day is unbelievably tempting. With a sense of smell 1,000 – 10,000 times greater than ours, imagine how the smell of Thanksgiving foods must tempt our dogs. This leaves many wondering, is it safe to feed our dogs Thanksgiving food? If your dog begs for […]

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Rottweiler vs Doberman Pinscher
rottweiler vs doberman pinscher

The Rottweiler. The Doberman Pinscher. These two breeds carry a very similar stereotype. Just mentioning the name evokes fear in some. They’ve been blamed and banned across the country. So, is either dog worth owning? Is it safe to own a Doberman or a Rottweiler? We’re going to compare the Rottweiler vs Doberman Pinscher so […]

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14 Absolutely Hilarious Dog Halloween Costumes
dog halloween costumes

Here we go. It’s that time of year again. Time to binge on pumpkin-shaped Reese’s peanut butter cups, candy corn, and M&M’s. Before falling into a sugar coma, check out these absolutely hilarious dog Halloween costumes. It’s always fun to see the cute Halloween costumes your kids put on, but let’s be honest. Dogs do […]

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How to Keep Your Hunting Dog Warm This Season
keep your hunting dog warm this season

Hunting season is upon us for many parts of the country. The leaves are more beautiful than ever, the pheasants are cackling through the crisp fall air, and local waterfowl are slowly being replaced by birds moving south. As temperatures continue to drop, we break out our winter gear, but what about our gun dogs? […]

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